1 Out of 7 Billion

1 Out of 7 Billion

The world is getting smaller everyday but a lifetime is not enough to explore it. My adventure starts in Singapore.

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Journey to the West

December 13, 2009

As I now live in the Southwest, I was curious to explore what’s out here.

Here’s what I discovered:

1) West Coast Plaza


There's a large Cold Storage supermarket in such mall.

2) West Coast Park

Although not as popular as East Coast Park, this park also has a McDonald’s outlet and some walking / jogging area. Good for a weekend morning stroll.

Zen-like McDonalds outlet

Sis and mom posing for the cam

This specific play area is for 7 years old and above. I meet the criteria.

Presenting the West Coast

Unless a wild animal was chasing me, I would not attempt to climb trees... :p

Oooh a flying snake

Soccer training or lessons at the park